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January 30, 2012

its all about da money money money

Money has always been my problem. I always have to work for my money. I mean,trying to convince your parents to fork out some money because your savings are running low-is a work too rite?ngeee..=) No lah,it's always my fault because of my habits of overspending. I'm not good at handling money. You see,i had finally managed to get some amount of money last month,(READ last month!) from my previous work during the holidays actually,yes,that long!3months been waiting for the salary,finally i got it,and throw it somewhere in drain i think. Because i don't see it anymore anywhere near neither the account nor the wallet right now,when i badly terribly misses them. To make things worse,i only have the RM200 book voucher that i can't barely spend to anything other than the boring bookshops. No,i love books,i do! But i do love movies,sightseeing and windowshopping alot more. If only i could trade those vouchers into money..please tell me where i can do so!Please please please..aiseh,mengade ngade la budak ni kan. Tak sedau dek untong! make things short,i just need some cash now untuk dijolikatakkan and only with money does the world goes round. If not,how the hell does those people from the past knew this world is round kan kan?mstila pakai duit banyakk woo untuk menyiasat perkara serius ini..LOL!Okay,banyak aku bebel,pasal duit je pun haih~menyampah la kau ni,pi tido jela.NITEE!

p/s-bila kayap beginilah padahnye =_=

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