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August 29, 2011

the raya-ness part 2

selama ni selalu post emo emo je kan kan??haha!okay,sekarang tidak lagi.ahh poyo~
nak raye kan..sape tak gumbira..hello!eh tak tak..siapa nak emo?*teringat pulak orang2 yang less fortunate.
okay,so raya this time raya kat kepong dulu..rumah sendiri..haha..then shah alam rumah sedara,then baru the balik kampung part to lubok china and felda palong the next day.2hari jee??cukup lah tuu kumpul duit,tambah tambah nak beli fon baru..ahahah!berangan~so..raya this time..takde tema.err..penah ke pulak ade tema?haha!our family never put a theme for our baju raya punn.anyways..i've bought zebra color-ed baju kurung..suke!suke!i hope i didnt look fat with those on.sebab stripe die panjang2 kan."~_~....ahahahahahahahah!well,orang dah gedebab dohhh..pardon my fats.omaigaddd..seriouslyy..umi,baba,and those mothers of my old friends i've met recently...SEMUA cakap aku dah makin sehat!awat?dulu chek tak sehat kaa?haha!those are the art of being a malay,cakap pun selalu berlapik lapik nak jaga hati orang kan.bagusss~okay,confirm aku diet nasik lepas ni ikut jejak langkah aizat penyanyi yang kurus tetibe tuuh..hehe..okay,i'm waitin for orang nak datang takbir ni..dah siap hidang segala tadi..meh laaa dtg cepat..xsabar nak rayaaa...and xsabar nak jumpa close family,friends and E!love ya peeps!

August 28, 2011

the raya-ness

I is not happy.I has a problem.I don't like them.I want to be where I want to be and with whoever I want to be.I have to put on fake smile.I think I should stop whining now.I have lots to talk but I cannot.I is sad once again..adoi,tensionnnyeee aku!

I am out of my mind..eeeeek!

August 20, 2011


to mr. A

the reasons :
1) i'm childish
2) i'm reckless
3) i'm emotionally unstable
4) you are also childish
5) you are also reckless
6) you are also emotionally unstable  

August 18, 2011

i have nothing more to say to you

i should not be alive by now..literally.because i had just been backstabbed by my old friend.dammit.mmg Tuhan nak tunjuk la perangai kau kat aku malam ni..bila aku nak face-to-face kau lari pulak.PENAKUT!i should not befriended with you anymore..BACKSTABBER!

p/s~kecik hati tau tak?jahat!

August 15, 2011

shit happens..~_~

from the bottom of my heart that can't excrete shits..

this is sooo true..=)

wanna do business?sell this kind of shirts to umk people..haha!okay,kiddin.

August 14, 2011

August 12, 2011

not even one thing done

i am not being efficient lately

been DREAMING all day and do house chores.not even went OUT to see the sky because the outside also have awning.only yesterday i went to some place to meet my friends but can't talk much because they are the BUSIEST on earth.can't even go faraway ALONE because not much CASH left in my pocket but i am waiting for it to drop in the temporary hands called THE ACCOUNT.did lots and lotsa blogwalking and tumblrwalking whenever i got ZILLIONS to do but i am just so LAZY.the beginning of my new semester is going to be VERY hectic because of these goin to add colors to this LAME post of mine.goodbye.

yes...some greaateer if i live with laziness..'~_~

this are for UMK students..seeerioussly people..!

this is for E...if u know what i mean

this is for A

now let's sleep...again..=P

August 06, 2011


you do believe in friendships that lasts forever don't you??

p/s~see you soon girlfriend!am missing your high-pitched voice.^_^

August 05, 2011

it's not easy to be me

it's ramadhan al-mubarak..fasting is a must.soo..updates updates.not so much,i'm home now..fiinallyy!a lil' bit early from expected.heheh~for some reasons and concern for my safety.haha!no lahh..its just that there's been a guy or gal maybe in the hostel.dun know who lah..main tutup tutup lampu bilik aku pulak~scarryy.he/she even tutup lampu the corridor..damn!saje nak buat org trauma.i know u are human..dun act like ur a ghost..huh!thenn..when i felt insecure of living alone..go pindah bilik bawah la with the mpp's mary and saleha.hv so much fun with them..atleast ade org jugak nak bercakap kalau takboleh tido and no one to text since mr.E always tido awal now,bestfriends smua busy..haha!

i have lots to do this month...currently being a member of information bureau..cehceh..poyo je bunyik!i hv to make a webpage,with other two friends,be a reporter cum journalist for mpp newspaper,get that SIEP report and presentation done,work part time lagi..maybe..tak kot.penaattt~hang out berbuka with longlost bestfriends...wink wink!

i miss E..please be there this september.i wont plan a thing this time...i just want you to be there please..

got a wedding going on tis october..malassss nak pegi..but what to do..the person's half is mine and i hv to support in whatever the person do.yes i HAVE to be two-faced this MOST sincere two-face.

thats all kot..takde planner,fon pun cikai je..nak jot down kat buku malass~so if i ever goin to forgot all these,bukak blog and view older post jelah.hahahah!
p/s~my notebook is getting old and i want a new phone.