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March 30, 2011

like a dream

At first i see tis everywhere..

and then i do this...

then i went....

i thought i dreamt about this....

but then....

silly me!idk what's my problem..and if i want to know,i must go thru all the procedures..medical checkups lah whatsoever..takmauuuuu!the small needle used tadi pun was enough to freak me out..i will just eat healthy foods and live healthily..ok doc?d'uhhhh...crap!
or maybe because of that problem lah?..yes definitely that..i'm soo not going to think about it for this few weeks..just let them be.i need to concentrate test tomorrow..only revised a tiny bit tonite,but now i've got to go in the selimut.takut tak bangun pulak besok..gudnite.

p/s: for that special someone..don't worry lah,if he doesn't know how to appreciate you now,he will never do so in future.get over it and find a new one..i'll always be there for you wokeh bebi~ 

March 28, 2011

the pengapit

okeh...i did promise to include pictures kann..nah tengok~

tis one..time nikah..wa takde lorr..tak balik umah time ni~

ini cincin ribu raban punye wohh~curik cambest!

i love how the roses balanced the black and whites..ouh,bunga pahar dibuat sendiri oleh wan tersayang..

i looked like a makcik kepoh up there!

okey,yg ni takk..kontrol ayu itu mesti~

oh emak yg sibuk gile nak bergambar?

heyaa!tired alreadyyy..

yep..that's all.tggu gambar dari photog berbayar pulak.ahahah!mesti lagi bnyk gamba lawa2..suke suke~
congrats and thank you to my mak sedara aka acu sopiah yg bg her trust to me to be her pengapit yg tahpapesukebuatpengantintergelakataspelamin ni haa~sorry im not good at doing dis..hee~
takut jugak makcik2 kepoh yg lain siram siram air mawar to me sambil berkata...lepasni kau pulak kawen ye!
wohhha makcik..sabar dulu..tggu beberapa tahun lagi ye..kalau ank makcik hensem bergaya dan kaye raye bolehla lepas belaja saye terus terima pinangan..ahahahah!bongok gile berangan..cukup tu*_*
so pengajaran of the day~i don't want to be a pengapit again.heee~..^_^

man of steel

Little that i know,this iron man movie sngaaattt best okeh!hahaha~yes,i am that lembap.sorry for that.the last few nights ive been watching these ironman 1&2 online.i dont bother to watch pun time die release dolu2..bcoz i thot~hero die tak hot pun,cam tue aje robert downey tu....and gwyneth paltrow je??heh...bosan kot.takyah tengok lahh~........ternyate salah same sekali ye u olllss!
first thing!
eventho he's 46 this year...he's...well..kinda still cute!
<lighting nak poyo aje..^_^ >

..he's a cool CEO d'uhhh~

he's effortlessly romantic but hard to express his love to pepper~haishh!

well,nothing just excited over some hidden meanings in the movie.if only i can be tony stark who has this unimaginable creative way of creating something with his magnificent technologies...woaahhh..bestnyeee!
and if only i can be pepper pots in the movie whose loyalty is for tony and only him. that's what makes them fall for each other i and loyalty.
well,dream on aje lah kau!
haha!i love the part when he tries as much as he could to hide the thing that he would die soon, but then she heard his conversation with scarlett.oohh so cute fight~
is iron man 3 released yet?sorry for the lembap-ness..hihi..can't wait to watch.i'm goin to search for his previous movie lah lepasni..heee~can't stop smiling!!^_^

p/s:joey,if u readg tis..yes,it's after u told so many times about the soundtrack~but hey,better late than never lah!

March 24, 2011


Rase macam dah bertahun tak balik rumah...yep~in hours i'll hop in that bus and get my ass home.
tapi tapi kann....imma be a pengapit for my acu majlis bersanding.she's,technically..i'm next in line!ahahahah!!!!or probably someone else in the family whom seeing someone rite now..hmmm...~
better get one mr.right in this..let's say..2 or 3 years?ya know what?screw that..let it be,my jodoh can probably be right under my nose all this,that sounds funny..haha~ all excited now..but i havent packed my things be updating after some time with the pictures of my beautiful acu in the next post!till then..see ya bebis!


March 22, 2011


it's been a while
i didn't get to hear
my phone rings
with that tune

oke dah..tu je.eh2,pegi buat keje..sikit lagi,nanti sume siap dah boley belaja dgn cara budak cemerlang okay!

March 21, 2011

di subuh hari

no no..ini exaggeration saje..hihi..its beautiful!

Crystal clear water pun no-can-dooseville babydoll~

ape yg aku dapat tadi pun dah bersyukur gila...nasib baik blok 4 ade air..hahahah!

March 19, 2011

of wee wee and that blackish brown thing

okayy..the title was a little bit off~that's the most decent that i could think of.
last 2days, lucky me i've got a  call from my most enthusiastic seniors i would say..inviting me and the other 10 friends to go to this kursus..all about organic fertilizer and pesticides....well to those who didn't know,i'm studying agriculture technology at kelantan.
so there we went, learning bout what nature could give us if we do not disturb their natural cycle of life.get me?

organic farming is like natural farming with sustainable methods that do not use chemicals on whichever aspect.the fertilizer, pesticides, flowering and fruiting just name it.all these were made from just pure waste, compost or manures.they can make it even if they do not have capitals.
well, all what i  want to say is we can make so much from the wastes and even nature themselves will thank us with their giving more yield and sustain our ecosystem, maybe no more natural disaster again okay, miss beautiful mother nature??d'uuhhhh..i know its getting bored now~

okay, i think its a good wake-up call for those who makes the nature their play ground or laboratory..experimenting on every chemicals they could extract and end up making a hardcore killer to the weeds and pests even beneficial insects.even the farmers would die if you use killer chemicals that suffocates from the inside lah machaaa~kan kan?

i'm not saying technology is bad for nature..but just look at what it had done up until now..
global warming, tsunami, earthquake..the nature had spoken..dun you get it by now?
okayy..cukup tu..macam activist pulak.hehe~
do not wish to talk much pun..cos i myself use chemicals..shampoo, sabun korg pakai tu ingat tak chemicals ke haaa?jgn ingat salah farmers aje dis all natural disasters came up...

if this post would gave u just a little thought, that's good enough...
thank you for reading bebis!chow~^_^

*p/s~why do my dreams are all getting funnier??weird!

March 17, 2011


NIGHTMARE!!!!! owhhh..salah..DAYMARE

instead of this....................

i dreamt of this

no it's not an insult or whatever....i dreamt i was about going to marry a guy whom i don't even know..arranged marriage that is...who looked like the second guy. those who watch modern family knows better lahh. he's caring enough but i think he's gay..ahahahha!baru jumpe sekali before kawen dah kate macam2..@_@
so i am officially a runaway bride in the dream, but belum jadi bride lagi lah sebenanye coz i escaped on my way to the 'nikah' place i think..wherever it was.heeee~
d'uhhhhh~cukup tu.

SOil sCIence~

Can't express what i'm feeling exactly rite now
high kott~happy dalam kepenatan nak tido 
how i wish to be as dedicated as today
6 reports in 1 night
can somebody give me an award pleaseee..hihih..
seriously baru stat buat malam tadi
kalau cakap "adelah buat sikit2" selame ni...tu tipu aje tu!
OUh!thank you beribu2 juta thank you to zaty
i dun think i can ever finish them without your help
heee~okeh jom tido

**pegi solat subuh dulu haaa~lebiu!

March 14, 2011

wicky wacky

i had a picture of you in my mind
never knew it would be so wrong
why it take me so long just to find
a friend who was there all along

ehehh~just ignore rambut ronan keating tu..i don't know bout you,but it's annoying for me.hahah!annoying mende tah?sukehati kau's just me yg gile sikit takboleh nak tido terlebih cafein agaknye.nothing much today,mandarin oral tadi sucks double time punye..triple quadruple pun boleh laa..
malam pas makan pegi buat homework terus.adelah 1 yg siap lagi harini.haha~lembap gile lain dah hanta pun.i promise will submit before i went back gallavanting okeh Dr.kassim??

now mission probable :- sleep~

March 13, 2011

reboot =_="

well,it's been very moody all this while,the weather pun agree with me tau dis few days!status kat fb pun aseb ikut hati dan perasaan aje..merepek~

i ought to have some fun today and hell yeah,it was fun!
takde gamba je to picture how fun it was.
firstly because at last i've done one homework.or maybe it was two??
then i've got a chance to went dinner at hotel for d first time in kelantan.
the appetizer was dim sum style pretty much described by veronica
then come the shark's fin soup with crabsticks..itu bessttt.oh well..betul ke tu shark punye fin?haha~everyone jadi jahat sebab dah makan sharks tu..kesian tau..despite all our save-earth campaign..hee..
then,first time lagi..makan kelapa laut with honey..pehhh,likat giler dohh!
eh,left out pulak pasal the chickens and nasi goreng with kailan ikan masin.tu biase je..
pastu pastu kan..the waiter and banquet manager kot..hihih..hihi..boleh tahan lah~ngek!
should have taken picture with one of them..worth jugak my rm50..oh well~

oh oh!ini cerite dengan nada excited punye tau!
i won one of the grand prizes for lucky draw!!!hamper besauuu punye.
yaayyyy...menang jugak nombor's my house address number tu.
this is what's making me tak sabar nak balik rumah niiii..

okay..i'm yawning like slowpoke dah ni.
tau tak slowpoke tu ape?its a pokemon which always yawn and use the yawning to defeat its opponent..amazing tak?haha~miss playing my gameboy back then.dulu ade gameboy je hadiah upsr tau..manede ipad cam korg lagi time umur tu.heh.kalau ade yg bace ni budak kecik lah kan..ngee~

ok2,this time i go sleep lah..but i need to memorize my lines for mandarin oral test besok.
heh?test ke?entah,aku pun taktau.hafal sikit2 jelah..mati aku besok kelas at 8am!
ouh..tanx to my rumate nurul kasi pinjam baju for dinner tadi..nanti wa basuh wangi2 okayy!my feet blistered lagi as usual if i wear heels.that's why i hate it~
apa lagi nak cerita ni ntah..cukup lah tu..nite bebis!pis!sleep tait!

find me a boyfriend lah kalau macamtu~

March 12, 2011


i've no idea that you're such a pretender
don't bother to explain please..coz you'll tend to lie
i am not jealous i am fine

i've no idea that you're such a pretender 
being a role model is not the profession for you
however,i seek forgiveness while i knew it's not even my fault

i've no idea you're such a pretender
maybe there is nothing but i think there is something
reconciliation is the word,not just with one but with all

my life is miserable right now,care enough to ask?i know you won't.

March 09, 2011

me...just me.. i love know this silly game on facebook called the fastyper?yes..that's how far i love typing.ehh..not far enough kot..^_^"..

any-hoo, the same goes with writing..when i write, it comes straight from heart..eventhough it was like just stupid rants, sketch my own name, my family's, foods and stuffs like that..and i think i'm good at descriptive writing,well not that good lah,some people said they were touched by my essay.(tu sekali ajelah pun) or maybe because i don't express myself that much by talking..yes,writing is better i guess.

when i speak i tend to make people around me angry or annoyed. i can't make good sentence structure, so they can't understand and i'll said nevermind, then they'll be angry.
or....they said something, i heard them wrongly and i respond weirdly then they'll be annoyed..hahah~i'm sorry.well i will try to minimize can't stay at that level for too long, can you?and people don't interact much by writing itself, i will try to express what i want to say correctly and put a little more effort to be a good listener.

okay..this blog always took my time but it makes me feel better..then who cares! assignments to do.nite bebis...

March 08, 2011


I don't think they understands how hard it is for me to adapt to this condition once again.
Family is just another sensitive issue for me..and lotsa lotsa tonnes of other things too.
Just imagine themselves in my shoes..please..just imagine.
I didn't made much fuss about it back then maybe because i'm just a little girl.
ohh~i did..didn't i?well maybe..but i have this warm lovely old lady to comfort me everytime i cried.
But seeing things now plus the unfavorable situation made me soooo fragile.
Shuttin down myself from the world is no-can-dooseville-babydoll..can't skip class everyday..can i??

What's really happening-idk and idwtk but ilysm

What i think happens-(this really matters) it's just another phase in life before you gets all saggy and grumpy

What i want to happen-(this also matters) just live the life with us and only us, then no one can hurt you ever it?

Nope..i'm not okay.i am perfectly okay but with some soft whispers going around in my head telling me to think how am i suppose to solve this alone.till then..just be patient with everyone who thinks it's not a big deal afterall,can you?Do something,will ya!now i'm done.

March 07, 2011

Johor Trippo!

2nd up to 5th March,went to Zenxin organic farm,MARDI Kluang and Nasuha herbs & spices farm. Met Zaty's wonderful family,house,and bed. Thank youuuu! I just love to go to my friend's house and see how normal family live..each and everytime, it touched me deep inside eventhough i look like i never mind about THE actual fact.
uhuh...don't understand?better don't be..

well,these pictures will do all the typing..

I love to travel,get to know new places,seen the road and memorize how exactly to go's the same as travelling in KL..u've got to know how to get you lazy bums workin' by walking,take trains,bus,or sometimes i go for taxi..sometimes lahh..ingat rumah aku dekat ke dgn ktm tuu??naik train pun boleh sesat kat kl ni tau..if you don't know where you are better ask for direction.shy to ask pun can always sit hours  infront of the ktm/putra/star/monorail/bas rapidkl punye map and figure out by yourself..hahahah! can't wait for this semester to end..get a job and get paid, make driving license (bukan takreti,takde duit nak buat tau!)..and do some shopping..heheh..itupun kalau ade lagi duit dalam akaun time tu lahh. okay,kesimpulannye..i already memorize the road from my place to various kl hotspot, and to some other out-of-kl places..melaka,tangkak,bndar IM kuantan,gombak,pengkalan chepa,kb mall..heishh..banyakk lagi lah.For all of these knowledge,i thank my great journey-loving soul.sesape yg sesat naik train kat kl boleh kol saye..^_^

do you mind?

Where's your gavel? Your jury?
What's my offense this time?
Your not a judge but if you're gonna judge me,
Sentence me to another life

p/s:sorry i'm being such pain in your smart-ass.didn't expect silly things from my mouth can actually slip in your thoughts?

March 05, 2011


the first day of march makes a memorable day of the month because i've got theseee......

 The Icredible Red-ear Slider Turtle

okay, i made up the incredible name..but the red-ear slider tu betul okehh~ the robinsons:

The darker shell = DEVON
 The other shell = GISELLE

 Kate acap..~every turtle punye corak ni different..kau kene ingat turtle kau punye corak..~

hihi...cute kan kan kan!^_^..actually i bought these with fert..he needs someone or in this case..pets to hear all his whines from his never-ending stressful life..>>die mmg nak beli dah lameee gile dah,tapi sbb takde org nak share beli dgn die..and some other reasons..aseb tak jadi beli aje,so-kesian-oklah fert-jombeli-nah duit-aku nak yg tu-settled. He probably is running-in-circles with piggy lices in the hutan right now..and must be thinner when we get to see him this sunday..sabar ye fert!oh..and thanks to acap jugak for taking care of giselle & devon while I went for johor.will update about the johor-trip soon..chow bebis!