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July 20, 2011

they..whom worked hard

I've been seeing a lot of stress lately..from friends especially.i mean stress passed on from friends to friends.
So i've been working with these group of people. They're hardworking ppl..really work their asses off for everyone's benefit. They try to make ends meet to live up thru expectation from all those people whom look up to them.

However...the moment these hard-asses open their mouth to voice out some answers or opinions that may be taken into considerations of the people around whom kept asking and repeating the same questions over and over again with some silly jokes here and there...BAMM!

They've got slammed by all those critiques non-stop like a machine gun or somethg~ yea maybe one or two whom tried to calm things down a notch, but's just creating hate and disgust,speculations,pessimism all those negative shits..bla blah blah~

Dun like that lah macha..if u ignite the sparks,deal with the fire lah. If the other party nak maki hamun kau,jangan lah balas dgn maki hamun jugak..cuba belajar to handle things with some manners and professionality without being influenced by self-emotion.i know its hard,even me myself can't do it..but this is how you shall deal with those people who dun treat you as they should.with some reverse-psychology along the way.ahahah!

Thankgod these people whom worked hard does not work for money..they work for people,for the sake of human rights and to improve the image of their council.

This is from my own perspective,not yours..everyone have the rights to say anything and of course, the utmost appreciation to my BLOG for having me here! Now i'm releived,thank you.haha!macam speech siot~
p/s~you yang kat hotel sane tu jangan nak work hard sangat.missing you<3<3

July 13, 2011

Silly Lily

Kadang kadang jadi silly kejap terase best pule.ahahah!i am being one silly girl in the last post,but you can't blame it entirely on me..sebab sebab...time tu tgh mengantuk gileee punye okay~hehee..i didnt noticed that i customized the fonts to white colour,pastu marah marah sbb post semua hilang (tidak menonjolkan diri diatas template).ngeeeee~
tis is 4years old me..haha!

So now i'm working on this other blog for a company that i'm working with now..get it??not that busy lah...other things that i do?ahemm..every morning or every evening i have to go to agropark to take growth measurements of the babies there.when i have free time i edited the company's blog.when i have free-er time,i edited my own blog and spend time with the busiest friend on earth-Mr.Fert.other-er things that i do is being a special force or something like that for this MPP thing at my campus.the bossy Mr.Fert didn't even asked me first to be one of his "minutesmen" in the upcoming just happen to be like the -i HAVE TO help him- situation.oh fert,i am not complaining tau..i love typing,typing is my thing!bleghhh~makesure u belanje me pizza nanti okay!

Now,i am reallly hungry.lepas maghrib jom ngap ngap!that's all for now peeps..XOXO to youu!


is it just me or the blog posts had mysteriously disappeared?what the hell man,i've just edited you,kasi kau cantik cantik segala...kau hilang mane hah?oh whatever,i'm just too tired already..besok besok jelah i'll check you out okay?sorry baby if i accidentally deleted some parts of you...blegh,go to sleep.nite...~_~