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January 30, 2012

its all about da money money money

Money has always been my problem. I always have to work for my money. I mean,trying to convince your parents to fork out some money because your savings are running low-is a work too rite?ngeee..=) No lah,it's always my fault because of my habits of overspending. I'm not good at handling money. You see,i had finally managed to get some amount of money last month,(READ last month!) from my previous work during the holidays actually,yes,that long!3months been waiting for the salary,finally i got it,and throw it somewhere in drain i think. Because i don't see it anymore anywhere near neither the account nor the wallet right now,when i badly terribly misses them. To make things worse,i only have the RM200 book voucher that i can't barely spend to anything other than the boring bookshops. No,i love books,i do! But i do love movies,sightseeing and windowshopping alot more. If only i could trade those vouchers into money..please tell me where i can do so!Please please please..aiseh,mengade ngade la budak ni kan. Tak sedau dek untong! make things short,i just need some cash now untuk dijolikatakkan and only with money does the world goes round. If not,how the hell does those people from the past knew this world is round kan kan?mstila pakai duit banyakk woo untuk menyiasat perkara serius ini..LOL!Okay,banyak aku bebel,pasal duit je pun haih~menyampah la kau ni,pi tido jela.NITEE!

p/s-bila kayap beginilah padahnye =_=

January 26, 2012

Wishful thinking

WARNING*ini post mengade*

this one?

or this one?

Either one,I just don't care.These will goes into my list of -TheThingsIHaveToDoBeforeIDie- 
A big grin for you there E *winkwink* goodnight!

January 24, 2012

late night post

I always get carried away when watching TV kat rumah.Err..anywhere actually,xkira tempat.LOL.Tadi watched The Myth,a Jackie Chan's.Best sangatt,sbb ada terracotta warriors tu,ala..yg tertimbus same same the maharaja tu..Mansui Mansui Man Man Sui!Ingat?Bagus!Haha..tengok cerita tu and then sambung The Day After Tomorrow lagi,tapi tetiba becaaame koko krunchh!ehh tak,POOF..teringat x update blog lagi.Disebabkan harini ada benda best jadi,so nak gebang lahh now..eheh.

Today i got up earlier than usual,eleh,pukul6.30 je pun.sbb wan takde kat rumah,tgh enjoy kat lumut =_=, so rasa bersalah tak takecare atok.Solat,masak air,bancuh teh,potong kuih bakar<<wan yg masak b4 pegi jalan..haha online online..watched VD then ada org call ajak lah,siap now tau,i tunggu!-what theee laah..dengan kain baju tak putar lagi dlm mesin tu,meja tak kemas lagi,kelam kabut aku.huh!

Then 2hours later baru la jumpe minah hot tu..siap buah tgn jeruk lagi kasi sayang lebey ni!Then we went jalan jalan,a friend of hers tagged along until afterlunch time.Nothing much we did..just afew catch-ups and hug hug and kiss kiss..haha!

Back home,POOF..wan dah sampai and then came up stories from her..(tadah telinga)..accident la,budak takde lesen,takpakai helmet la,darah darah,takut takut la..beli jeruk jugak,ikan bilis konon fresh la.haha!Wan is soo funny when telling stories,and what happened throughout her visit to ummi's.Dah habis cerita tu baru tanya,eh sape yg bg jeruk ni lagi?AHAHAHAHAh!And anddd,the most,kau balik terus nak practical lah ni?HAHAHA!Oh,i forgot to mention,i've had told her zillion times that i will came home and do my intern straightaway next month.Siap balik 2kali lagi,ulang alik KB-KL angkut barang2 yang dr sem1 smua tuh,wan still xperasan yg aku nak msuk intern dah?ish ish..comel sungguh wan aku ni.No offense wan, I always love you.

That's all lah summary essay 1hari aku okay,tau tau..boring sikit.And i usually leave the details in my writing.Efek dah lama tak tulis blog kot.Sorry.FIN.

P/S-Trying to get rid a bad habit of mine,always too lazy to capitalize my word in the beginning of a sentence,because i thought the readers will always get what i'm trying to say.memang pun,kan kan kan?

For my E.xoxo

January 23, 2012

3 months of silence

Oh yesss!feels so right to be able to write again..err, bloggin of's 23rd jan,that makes it 3months dah tak much to talk about but i forgot dah pun.macam mana eh?hmm..let's start with the reason.

i dun really blog these past few months because i always upload some pictures with my updates,and back then at my new hostel,the line sucks.tgk youtube pun takboleyy wa ckp lu!menyampah sangat sampai i decided to stop blogging for a while.

that's my hostel building at the back.ignore the smile of mr.united.

another reason is,i already got a real-talking-blog,yep that's what i will call him from now on.haha!i share everything with him,more than i could write in this blog.he records everything i did in his,that's exaggerating,farah oi!ngeee..he's my real-life boyfriend.yep,i used to have an imaginary one.LOL!
my buddy boyfie.he's not chinese okay.LOL "-_-
okay,moving on.the semester going on as usual,studies and all,not to forget,fieldtrips!i love when it is a well-organized fieldtrip slash VAY-CAY-TION!this time,it was organized by my dear classmate,lovely miss izzaty.

that's baby nipah fruit.the juice tasted like rambutan!pic taken at kedah

steamboating at camerons!semua pakai baju berlapis lapis.sssjuukk!

at zaty's uncle's desa antherium apartment.ktorang xbukak kipas pun,still sjuk!

fresh-picked starwberries.nyumm..

another nyummmmm!clockwise,top left is strawberries wth whipcream,yoghurt wth strwberries,waffles with ice cream and strawberry syrup,eskem goreng,my fav ice cream with strwberries and whipcream added loveletters stick and the last one i couldnt remember.slurrpp!

Alrite.finish with the fieldtrips.after some more studies we all go stressed up but no fuss,i've got my besties to forget all the mess with.

gotta have some fun in boredom-land.credits to zaty.

that guy thinks he has hot ass."-_-  ohh,my beautiful dear friends.

the kau-ni-eeww-lah look.LOL
after exams,we all geared up for our internship,at last!cehh,geared up lah sangat,tmpat tggal pun xconfirm lagii oi.okay,me and zaty will be having FRIM,Kepong for our intership place,yan will go for juice manufacturing near home sweet home,fert with the PJ company and acap,the taiping zoo, the place where he's always wanted to live in..err..go to.haha!hope we all get better exam results than ever.*fingers crossed*

Now i'm at home,just arrived last my old buddy nazim to fetch me up at bus station and catch up with each other's life.yep,i know i'm a good listener.your welcome mistah!

Did i wrote too much?yea,i know u guys get tired of reading now so i'm going to post will it be.have a very goodnight peeps.anddd..XINNIAN KUAI LE!GONG XI FA CAI =)

P/S:~I miss my man.he's somewhere deep in sarawakian village,i can't always reach him.damn you technology,are you jealous of us huh? *_*