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October 22, 2011

happy life comes with a package.when you do not have financial problems,your family is happy,your circle of friends are happy,your boyfriend is happy,your study improve,your result improve,your mood boost up,and you will admit that u have a happy life.ahahahha!i am just happy now,weng weng sikit.pardon my silly faces or words or any of my action if it annoys you.

Farah Hafizah Zulkifli

September 16, 2011


i want to lay low..takmau buat apa2 kerja for now..well,atleast buat sikit2 je.i'm tired..class sampai malam and have to ulang alik naik bas lagi.sometimes tunggu dari pagi subuh gajah sampai habis klas maghrib cekadak at campus,baru balik hostel.yea,i am that stinky!sile jangan jalan dekat dekat saya.grrr.....i dun have my own transport..ceh~lesen pun takde lagi nak kecoh kan..anyhow,since i've been to my new hostel,i have not been many things to settle.nanti nanti lah update proper.heehee~ohh oh..p/s. Mr.E, I LOVE YOU.

September 06, 2011

demam sakit pening orang dah tua..=_=

saya demam
rase mcm dah elok semalam
tapi panas balik
suara lagi rock dari ella
oh,si ella tu sama umur dgn mak aku
betul,tak tipu..
sekejap saya sekejap aku..ish
ohh..semalam shopping dgn kawan baik,si Z
takboleh bgtau nama penuh,nanti kawan2 baik die jeles
die dah lama nak membalas budi dgn membelanja aku makan
oh oh..try nak pakai wedges yang takdela tinggi mane tu..jalan 1hari
eh eh..tapi pakai la jugak,bjaye sampai maghrib walaupun sakit gile
hebat tak?
terbukti memang bukan gadis ayu ayu
besok nak beraya dgn kawan sesekolah
tapi mcmane ni?demam balik?
mungkin boleh ajak mereka dtg melawat saya yang sakit?
mungkin mungkin..
ohhh..duit raya taun ni macam sikit je..bagaimana mau tukar fon?
tidak mengape lah..when the time comes, i'll change u
sila berdoa saya cepat sembuh,kalau tak..cuti lagi lah saya
sangat tak nak balik kelantan
saya nak kerja dan dapat duit lagi
boleh tak?boleh tak??
okay,kepala dah berat mcm bowling..moh lelapkan mata.bye.

ni muka orang demam jugak 
idung kembang kempis
mata sembap dan berair
mulut pun xboleh tutup
sebab nafas ikut mulut

September 02, 2011


my favourite month
back to school
my birthday
fun with friends

August 29, 2011

the raya-ness part 2

selama ni selalu post emo emo je kan kan??haha!okay,sekarang tidak lagi.ahh poyo~
nak raye kan..sape tak gumbira..hello!eh tak tak..siapa nak emo?*teringat pulak orang2 yang less fortunate.
okay,so raya this time raya kat kepong dulu..rumah sendiri..haha..then shah alam rumah sedara,then baru the balik kampung part to lubok china and felda palong the next day.2hari jee??cukup lah tuu kumpul duit,tambah tambah nak beli fon baru..ahahah!berangan~so..raya this time..takde tema.err..penah ke pulak ade tema?haha!our family never put a theme for our baju raya punn.anyways..i've bought zebra color-ed baju kurung..suke!suke!i hope i didnt look fat with those on.sebab stripe die panjang2 kan."~_~....ahahahahahahahah!well,orang dah gedebab dohhh..pardon my fats.omaigaddd..seriouslyy..umi,baba,and those mothers of my old friends i've met recently...SEMUA cakap aku dah makin sehat!awat?dulu chek tak sehat kaa?haha!those are the art of being a malay,cakap pun selalu berlapik lapik nak jaga hati orang kan.bagusss~okay,confirm aku diet nasik lepas ni ikut jejak langkah aizat penyanyi yang kurus tetibe tuuh..hehe..okay,i'm waitin for orang nak datang takbir ni..dah siap hidang segala tadi..meh laaa dtg cepat..xsabar nak rayaaa...and xsabar nak jumpa close family,friends and E!love ya peeps!

August 28, 2011

the raya-ness

I is not happy.I has a problem.I don't like them.I want to be where I want to be and with whoever I want to be.I have to put on fake smile.I think I should stop whining now.I have lots to talk but I cannot.I is sad once again..adoi,tensionnnyeee aku!

I am out of my mind..eeeeek!

August 20, 2011


to mr. A

the reasons :
1) i'm childish
2) i'm reckless
3) i'm emotionally unstable
4) you are also childish
5) you are also reckless
6) you are also emotionally unstable  

August 18, 2011

i have nothing more to say to you

i should not be alive by now..literally.because i had just been backstabbed by my old friend.dammit.mmg Tuhan nak tunjuk la perangai kau kat aku malam ni..bila aku nak face-to-face kau lari pulak.PENAKUT!i should not befriended with you anymore..BACKSTABBER!

p/s~kecik hati tau tak?jahat!

August 15, 2011

shit happens..~_~

from the bottom of my heart that can't excrete shits..

this is sooo true..=)

wanna do business?sell this kind of shirts to umk people..haha!okay,kiddin.

August 14, 2011

August 12, 2011

not even one thing done

i am not being efficient lately

been DREAMING all day and do house chores.not even went OUT to see the sky because the outside also have awning.only yesterday i went to some place to meet my friends but can't talk much because they are the BUSIEST on earth.can't even go faraway ALONE because not much CASH left in my pocket but i am waiting for it to drop in the temporary hands called THE ACCOUNT.did lots and lotsa blogwalking and tumblrwalking whenever i got ZILLIONS to do but i am just so LAZY.the beginning of my new semester is going to be VERY hectic because of these goin to add colors to this LAME post of mine.goodbye.

yes...some greaateer if i live with laziness..'~_~

this are for UMK students..seeerioussly people..!

this is for E...if u know what i mean

this is for A

now let's sleep...again..=P

August 06, 2011


you do believe in friendships that lasts forever don't you??

p/s~see you soon girlfriend!am missing your high-pitched voice.^_^

August 05, 2011

it's not easy to be me

it's ramadhan al-mubarak..fasting is a must.soo..updates updates.not so much,i'm home now..fiinallyy!a lil' bit early from expected.heheh~for some reasons and concern for my safety.haha!no lahh..its just that there's been a guy or gal maybe in the hostel.dun know who lah..main tutup tutup lampu bilik aku pulak~scarryy.he/she even tutup lampu the corridor..damn!saje nak buat org trauma.i know u are human..dun act like ur a ghost..huh!thenn..when i felt insecure of living alone..go pindah bilik bawah la with the mpp's mary and saleha.hv so much fun with them..atleast ade org jugak nak bercakap kalau takboleh tido and no one to text since mr.E always tido awal now,bestfriends smua busy..haha!

i have lots to do this month...currently being a member of information bureau..cehceh..poyo je bunyik!i hv to make a webpage,with other two friends,be a reporter cum journalist for mpp newspaper,get that SIEP report and presentation done,work part time lagi..maybe..tak kot.penaattt~hang out berbuka with longlost bestfriends...wink wink!

i miss E..please be there this september.i wont plan a thing this time...i just want you to be there please..

got a wedding going on tis october..malassss nak pegi..but what to do..the person's half is mine and i hv to support in whatever the person do.yes i HAVE to be two-faced this MOST sincere two-face.

thats all kot..takde planner,fon pun cikai je..nak jot down kat buku malass~so if i ever goin to forgot all these,bukak blog and view older post jelah.hahahah!
p/s~my notebook is getting old and i want a new phone.

July 20, 2011

they..whom worked hard

I've been seeing a lot of stress lately..from friends especially.i mean stress passed on from friends to friends.
So i've been working with these group of people. They're hardworking ppl..really work their asses off for everyone's benefit. They try to make ends meet to live up thru expectation from all those people whom look up to them.

However...the moment these hard-asses open their mouth to voice out some answers or opinions that may be taken into considerations of the people around whom kept asking and repeating the same questions over and over again with some silly jokes here and there...BAMM!

They've got slammed by all those critiques non-stop like a machine gun or somethg~ yea maybe one or two whom tried to calm things down a notch, but's just creating hate and disgust,speculations,pessimism all those negative shits..bla blah blah~

Dun like that lah macha..if u ignite the sparks,deal with the fire lah. If the other party nak maki hamun kau,jangan lah balas dgn maki hamun jugak..cuba belajar to handle things with some manners and professionality without being influenced by self-emotion.i know its hard,even me myself can't do it..but this is how you shall deal with those people who dun treat you as they should.with some reverse-psychology along the way.ahahah!

Thankgod these people whom worked hard does not work for money..they work for people,for the sake of human rights and to improve the image of their council.

This is from my own perspective,not yours..everyone have the rights to say anything and of course, the utmost appreciation to my BLOG for having me here! Now i'm releived,thank you.haha!macam speech siot~
p/s~you yang kat hotel sane tu jangan nak work hard sangat.missing you<3<3

July 13, 2011

Silly Lily

Kadang kadang jadi silly kejap terase best pule.ahahah!i am being one silly girl in the last post,but you can't blame it entirely on me..sebab sebab...time tu tgh mengantuk gileee punye okay~hehee..i didnt noticed that i customized the fonts to white colour,pastu marah marah sbb post semua hilang (tidak menonjolkan diri diatas template).ngeeeee~
tis is 4years old me..haha!

So now i'm working on this other blog for a company that i'm working with now..get it??not that busy lah...other things that i do?ahemm..every morning or every evening i have to go to agropark to take growth measurements of the babies there.when i have free time i edited the company's blog.when i have free-er time,i edited my own blog and spend time with the busiest friend on earth-Mr.Fert.other-er things that i do is being a special force or something like that for this MPP thing at my campus.the bossy Mr.Fert didn't even asked me first to be one of his "minutesmen" in the upcoming just happen to be like the -i HAVE TO help him- situation.oh fert,i am not complaining tau..i love typing,typing is my thing!bleghhh~makesure u belanje me pizza nanti okay!

Now,i am reallly hungry.lepas maghrib jom ngap ngap!that's all for now peeps..XOXO to youu!


is it just me or the blog posts had mysteriously disappeared?what the hell man,i've just edited you,kasi kau cantik cantik segala...kau hilang mane hah?oh whatever,i'm just too tired already..besok besok jelah i'll check you out okay?sorry baby if i accidentally deleted some parts of you...blegh,go to sleep.nite...~_~

June 26, 2011

about them and us

It's exciting to see love is all around

But too much care would sometimes left us wondering

If these will lasts or the other way round

So let's just pray for the best

And accept what's destined for us

p/s:~i love you!

June 20, 2011

leaving hometown

heading to the kelantan home tomorrow doing basically nothing..dammitt!why the hell lah tak bagitau aku awal2 the project had been postponed?hisyy..nevermind.naseb tiket dah book ape sume.but i will sooo goin to be bored to death lah wey..the library bukak tak cuti2 ni?hope so,because i am goin to be the most loyal faces yg dok kat library tu hari2.uughhhh!

one more thing..i am so proud of my nenek today.why?let only me know why.she is the most forgiving person that i ever known.fara sayang wan!

June 19, 2011

days of work

tamatlah sudah my days of work kat jusco tu's 2a.m and  i can't i've decided to update the spider-webbed blog..sorry u,i mls nak update u kalau balik keje pun dah tgh mlm kan,letih bebeno nak menaip.type msj kat fon sudah..hihik~

sooo...whats up?been working for 1month and cannot enjoy the gaji beause have to use the gaji for food and topup at kelantan until my next ptptn pay or until someone baik hati to belanja me or until terbukak hati the parents nak bagi pocket money ke ape lah kann.huh..
been workin my ass off..3weeks straight without offday,then i got so sick,can't barely walk..demam terus kau!then baik demam,vow takmau cuti rugi one kalau tak msuk keje.xdpt tgk drama.ahahah!kiddin..i just want as much money i could get. and yes, that store got too much drama..from drag queen drama to the balai polis faaannniiii one!anway,i didnt get to bid farewell to the manager because he storms out sarcastically for we made so much noise snap2 gambar outside his office.ahahah!annoyed much mister?

theres the time you have to be responsible for what you have done and for what you have done dear sir, you lose so much respect that comes from your dedicated employees.i am so sorry that you are blinded by the one you think is the most dedicated and to whom it may concern, please learn how to express yourself better..dont intimidate others just to impress the superior!yes, i am the one who spread things around but i am no liar..face it girl!respect others if you want to be it you two?duhh~budak2 betul!

okay,so much for the office talk..ngee~cukup tu.i hope miss adam,abg jasni,si rozana,kakak2 ija,sofia,yanti,ieyza and si ida tu berbahagie lah keje disitu ye.dah xramai cstomer tu jgn carik idea baru nak gaduh lagi pulak.haha!org balai pun xlarat nak denga cite korg lah..^_^Y

will be departing for kelantan on monday morning..i will going to be the most insane person on earth kat sane without my friends around.but the best part is..will going to be the most active member of facebook and blogger.haha!till know i love you..xoxo~

sunrise from my previous flight view

May 15, 2011

crazy little thing called love

i just love this song's buble'!!sape yg tak minat dieee sile klik X.
hihi...i want he-who-loved-me to sing this for me pleasee....ngeee..^_^..
i've just got a job..tomorrow will start to work and i want to earn the most out of it..kalah akak2 fulltime kat situ.ahahah!i will make the boss give fulltime work to me.takpayah cuti..hihi..larat ke kauu?
wish me luck..i need the money badleeyyyy!being a workaholic is fun..till yaa~

This thing called love I just can’t handle it
This thing called love I must get round to it
I ain’t ready
Crazy little thing called love

This thing called love
It cries
In a cradle all night
It swings
It jives
It shakes all over like a jelly fish
I kinda like it
Crazy little thing called love

There goes my baby
She knows how to rock’n’roll
She drives my crazy
She gives me hot and cold fever
Then she leaves me in a cool cool sweat

I gotta be cool relax get hip!
Get on my track
Take a back seat
Hitch hike
And take a long long ride on my motor bike
Until I’m ready
Crazy little thing called love

I gotta be cool relax get hip!
Get on my track
Take a back seat
Hitch hike
And take a long long ride on my motor bike
Until I’m ready
Crazy little thing called love

There goes my baby
She knows how to rock’n’roll
She drives my crazy
She gives me hot and cold fever
Then she leaves me in a cool cool sweat

I gotta be cool relax get hip!
Get on my track
Take a back seat
Hitch hike
And take a long long ride on my motor bike
Until I’m ready
Crazy little thing called love
Crazy little thing called love
Crazy little thing called love
Crazy little thing called love 

May 11, 2011

2nd post in just merely 20minutes?

to whom it may concern...

the last two lines does not ya!


those were the pictures taken time pegi penang and taiping. bnyk sgt,aku pilih gambo korg je lah ye..there are no words that could describe how i felt..blending friendships,family bonding,childhood memories,love,and peaceful altogether makes my heart wrenched..or touched..yep,that's more appropriate.ahem...i enjoyed every second spent with four of them yg kat atas nun..guys,if you're reading this,please..lets make our life in umk jeli more exciting than ever okeyh!haha..dun wish to cakap banyak..i dun get any jobs yet...ceh,kau tak keluar rumah mencarik mane nak dapat ye dak??thats all from me..signed sealed delivered!

May 02, 2011


lamenyeee tak update!lame ke?
okayy..nothing much that's been goin on..banyak actually..haha!taknak cerita...
its my semester break rite now...for 4months and a half.i wanted to work..i've always worked in my semester hardwork paid..hundreds!ouhhh~mau duit ratus2 tu skrg jugakk!i'm so frustrated when my aunt said there's no work for me dah..she changed department and no longer the same department with my hong kong boss....miss you ai ling!!hurmmm..her colleagues yg slalu bagi me kerja2 tak brape berat tapi berbayar tu pun dah changed department.ishhh...apehal sume nak change2 department ntah?nak keje mane niii..asked pakngah for work pun ckp nanti2 aje.adoi..malas betul nak kelua carik keje sane sini yg xbrape nk lumayan tu.okayy..belagak!but u guys dun understand...i have to make banyak!have to balik kelantan lagi this june..sape nak bg makan kau???but that is work also lah.can i do SIEP terus at my company?hihi...pemalas betul!dah2..whining aje tau..
ouh this is an exciting one!im goin for a long-time-planned roadtrip to penang and taiping.both my baik-friend's hometown!u know the feeling when u went to your friend's house and get touched by their warm welcome?okayy..that's only me.i always!stop comparing la dude...yep,i need to experience yg tak welcoming zip my mouth up...i think.but all my friend's family were very welcoming..huwaa..tacing2.
okay..i think that's all..goin to look for work...asap!good good..tapi besok nak pegi jalan2 dulu..till then..have to handle a lovesick out-patient jap.ahahahah!bye luvs~

April 27, 2011

the royal wedding

it's a vey large publicity since he's the son of the dearest late lady diana.the wedding of prince william and miss kate middleton will take place on the 29th.she's one lucky girl lah wey!i don't know much until i got back from kelantan,until this have been the main news at all tv channel,until the song - i do by colbie callait renders sweetly everytime their advertisement is up.both looks very compatible together...aihh,sweetnye!let all the pics do the talking lah..~

lovely eyh??sweetnye!

gorgeous locks!

see...see..what i meant!

April 25, 2011

i couldn't care any less

the truth is...i can't get my mind off those things.sometimes you have to understand that you are going to face so much things..i mean dreadful things in your life.>eh,lawa la pulak tulisan italic ni.

i mean..throwing tantrums at the age like that?come onnn! i'll never do that eventhough i'm now at the age of where being rebellious is normal..

i am furious,angry,mad,pissed off,disgusted,disappointed.. can you add any more synonyms to that?never i felt that i wanted a real role model more than i do right now.

i have to have a getaway right now so that i won't get knocked off the chair once again!i can feel the pressure weyhh,aku ade darah tinggi ke?ayamak!mati cepat ni..xsempat kawen.kecewa lah die!huhu...

okay...i just need some time off these pressure,i need peace and tranquility,i need reassurance, i need you, i need them, i need..whatever for me to be normal again.

p/s:i don't want to be loved that much,because i'm not used to it.please understand.

April 21, 2011


it's not that i'm not comfortable
no it's not
but if you could just stop making me feel like i'm important
that would be better

i could not foresee the future
neither could i walk through your past
but if you could just bear to be with me long enough
you have what it takes to enlighten me

April 20, 2011

Miss Zulaikha!

Calling once....Calling twice~

hihi....kau TUKAR balik sim maxis boleh tak?
nothing really...i miss you
dah, tu je..

April 17, 2011


i am that easily distracted now..
okay,tu je
dengar2 lagu lama sambil melalui liku liku notes farm management.

*pray hard please*

April 16, 2011


if only there's someone could sing this for me...aii..lagu nak ngantuk2 aje kan..heehe~i'm in the mood..yes,that mood.shut up now..

Falling Slowly by Kris Allen

I don’t know you

But I want you

All the more for that
Words fall through me
And always fool me
And I can’t react

And games that never amount

To more than they’re meant
Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and point it home

We’ve still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You’ve made it now

Falling slowly, eyes that know me

And I can’t go back
Moods that take me and erase me
And I’m painted black
You have suffered enough
And warred with yourself
It’s time that you won

Take this sinking boat and point it home

We’ve still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you had a choice
You’ve made it now

Take this sinking boat and point it home

We’ve still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you had a choice
You’ve made it now

Falling slowly sing your melody

I’ll sing along

April 15, 2011

click on this!


the middle is ze bday girl..comel kan kau tikah?ahahah!
today is nurul atiqah ahmad zahudi punye bday!
remember our superdoopa 2years in KMM?
hope you get whatever u wish for, my dear
believe in yourself, not in what people say
profitez de voutre vie!

April 13, 2011

bumi kenyalang~

whatderrr~percobaan hang tak menjadi lah wey..mimpi berangan lalala je kau tau kan...ahaahah!readers,this is a warning for u guys...u will not understand what's goin on.okay,now u can read!
okayy..this got nothing to do with...whatever~credits:factsaboutyou.tumblr

i just did something tonite.bodowneyyy~ntahlaa..i think i did the rite thing.goshhh..kau saje je kan,main2 kejap pastu kau punye hati berubah pun kau tak perasan bile kan??paper dr.kassim pun kau tgk sbelah mate je?fine..mulai besok tidak lagi..kedue belah mate aku gagahkan nanti.crappy shit lah post kali ni...due to heart matters which will remain unsolved until The Right One comes.sheeesshh...

encik robert tolong solve the mystery boleyhhh??

aihhhh~if u dun want to get burn,dun play with the fire la baby...gedik ah..okay cukup tu!start a new day tomorrow...i'll stop all the whines now.thank you peeps!

*p/s~dear sarawak guy, walk the path of an easy one or the other hard way.either one..i know you'll be just fine babe!^_^...nampak tak muke senyum nii?heehe..

April 06, 2011

time passes by

okayyy..i know its my study week now..this will just be a short post from me....ouh,one annoying guy keeps calling me any words you can call that ends with = mi.....and he keeps doing this face..

like he's out of breath or sumthg!

ookayy..maybe not exactly like that...ahahah!well,as long as i keeps on laughing, i'm okay with ur jokes..dude~

then one of my dearest got back from her more deary left at home experimenting new recipes and gallavanting besides studying...sheeshhh..nak keluar jalan jalan jugakkk!

i haven't studied much and i felt bad but it won't last long,dun wory,thank you very much.<<like i have much time left lah now???

i hope that someone will TRY to contact me as soon as possible,but i think i can stand a month...kinda miss you<<another deary

had a nice conversation with a long-time deary of mine..get a new life rite babe??stop dwelling,start searching..heh,macambest je ayat~ahahah!

ohh not to forget,somebody is being a loner...againnn~who pulls the trigger man?u were just fine the other day..whatever..just another phase and everything will be alriteyyy!

other than that..not is short 'eyh??goin to doze off in seconds..later tods!

credits to factsaboutyou this site!

April 03, 2011

the desperados!

have you guys heard bout this umk debate club called..umm..THE DESPERATE DEBATERS????
yeah i knoe riteee~the name is like..wadahell? it got something to do with the ruler of the club whom fancies the desperate housewives series...but WAIT! u got to see the desperate in other terms as well...the desperation of wanting to know just more and more knowledge, and the desperation of wanting to express even more of ourselves...that's call desperate too aite?well..let's just see things on the bright side...then the world will be such a nicer place to live..ahahah~crappy me!

soooo.....what i actually wanted to say was i am really proud of being one of them eventhough i am not a debater..i'm just playin a small role of the researcher whom currently didn't give much to the club...yet!hahaha....i am reallyyy really really happy when we went for the great english challenge today at uitm machang...we grab 9 trophies out of 15!!!that was more than half lah people...come on,give a big clap now~heheee!

1 trophy gone missing..1 of them was mine..ahaha!

there were KIST,UiTM KB, UiTM Machang,Cosmopoint and us UMK. ouhhhh~and we're not there to debate..but for spell it right,iq competition,essay writing,impromptu and singing competition.we're champions for all the competition except for the i.q thing..yep..need to brush up on that.checkeddd!and there's some 2nd n 1st runner ups also from us.other ipt's were not bad also..well,it's just only that..we've got all the luck we could get lah today!this also sends some message to those ipt's also..watchout haaa~dun play2 with my debaters! i bragging too much or what?who cares~i'm so proud of u guys lah wey...haih,im goin to smile in my sleep today i,scrammm!nites bebi....^_^

March 30, 2011

like a dream

At first i see tis everywhere..

and then i do this...

then i went....

i thought i dreamt about this....

but then....

silly me!idk what's my problem..and if i want to know,i must go thru all the procedures..medical checkups lah whatsoever..takmauuuuu!the small needle used tadi pun was enough to freak me out..i will just eat healthy foods and live healthily..ok doc?d'uhhhh...crap!
or maybe because of that problem lah?..yes definitely that..i'm soo not going to think about it for this few weeks..just let them be.i need to concentrate test tomorrow..only revised a tiny bit tonite,but now i've got to go in the selimut.takut tak bangun pulak besok..gudnite.

p/s: for that special someone..don't worry lah,if he doesn't know how to appreciate you now,he will never do so in future.get over it and find a new one..i'll always be there for you wokeh bebi~ 

March 28, 2011

the pengapit

okeh...i did promise to include pictures kann..nah tengok~

tis one..time nikah..wa takde lorr..tak balik umah time ni~

ini cincin ribu raban punye wohh~curik cambest!

i love how the roses balanced the black and whites..ouh,bunga pahar dibuat sendiri oleh wan tersayang..

i looked like a makcik kepoh up there!

okey,yg ni takk..kontrol ayu itu mesti~

oh emak yg sibuk gile nak bergambar?

heyaa!tired alreadyyy..

yep..that's all.tggu gambar dari photog berbayar pulak.ahahah!mesti lagi bnyk gamba lawa2..suke suke~
congrats and thank you to my mak sedara aka acu sopiah yg bg her trust to me to be her pengapit yg tahpapesukebuatpengantintergelakataspelamin ni haa~sorry im not good at doing dis..hee~
takut jugak makcik2 kepoh yg lain siram siram air mawar to me sambil berkata...lepasni kau pulak kawen ye!
wohhha makcik..sabar dulu..tggu beberapa tahun lagi ye..kalau ank makcik hensem bergaya dan kaye raye bolehla lepas belaja saye terus terima pinangan..ahahahah!bongok gile berangan..cukup tu*_*
so pengajaran of the day~i don't want to be a pengapit again.heee~..^_^