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June 26, 2011

about them and us

It's exciting to see love is all around

But too much care would sometimes left us wondering

If these will lasts or the other way round

So let's just pray for the best

And accept what's destined for us

p/s:~i love you!

June 20, 2011

leaving hometown

heading to the kelantan home tomorrow doing basically nothing..dammitt!why the hell lah tak bagitau aku awal2 the project had been postponed?hisyy..nevermind.naseb tiket dah book ape sume.but i will sooo goin to be bored to death lah wey..the library bukak tak cuti2 ni?hope so,because i am goin to be the most loyal faces yg dok kat library tu hari2.uughhhh!

one more thing..i am so proud of my nenek today.why?let only me know why.she is the most forgiving person that i ever known.fara sayang wan!

June 19, 2011

days of work

tamatlah sudah my days of work kat jusco tu's 2a.m and  i can't i've decided to update the spider-webbed blog..sorry u,i mls nak update u kalau balik keje pun dah tgh mlm kan,letih bebeno nak menaip.type msj kat fon sudah..hihik~

sooo...whats up?been working for 1month and cannot enjoy the gaji beause have to use the gaji for food and topup at kelantan until my next ptptn pay or until someone baik hati to belanja me or until terbukak hati the parents nak bagi pocket money ke ape lah kann.huh..
been workin my ass off..3weeks straight without offday,then i got so sick,can't barely walk..demam terus kau!then baik demam,vow takmau cuti rugi one kalau tak msuk keje.xdpt tgk drama.ahahah!kiddin..i just want as much money i could get. and yes, that store got too much drama..from drag queen drama to the balai polis faaannniiii one!anway,i didnt get to bid farewell to the manager because he storms out sarcastically for we made so much noise snap2 gambar outside his office.ahahah!annoyed much mister?

theres the time you have to be responsible for what you have done and for what you have done dear sir, you lose so much respect that comes from your dedicated employees.i am so sorry that you are blinded by the one you think is the most dedicated and to whom it may concern, please learn how to express yourself better..dont intimidate others just to impress the superior!yes, i am the one who spread things around but i am no liar..face it girl!respect others if you want to be it you two?duhh~budak2 betul!

okay,so much for the office talk..ngee~cukup tu.i hope miss adam,abg jasni,si rozana,kakak2 ija,sofia,yanti,ieyza and si ida tu berbahagie lah keje disitu ye.dah xramai cstomer tu jgn carik idea baru nak gaduh lagi pulak.haha!org balai pun xlarat nak denga cite korg lah..^_^Y

will be departing for kelantan on monday morning..i will going to be the most insane person on earth kat sane without my friends around.but the best part is..will going to be the most active member of facebook and blogger.haha!till know i love you..xoxo~

sunrise from my previous flight view