How many views again??

February 16, 2012


Just replace that WE to I and that FLY FROM KUALA LUMPUR to FLY TO KUALA LUMPUR

LOL! The above picture was dedicated specially for E. Boy, I missed him so much. GEDIK  ~_~
 Apart of thattt,result is out!Just few days back i checked the portal, fortunately,Alhamdulillah,The Most Merciful had borrowed me short-term happiness. Managing to get the pointer above three is a tough job for me.Yeah,read THREE as in 3!I couldn't believe my eyes as I had improved so much from my zaman kegelapan universiti.ahahahah!that damn 3rd semester of mine,will never forget those days.main main je belajar,sekalii result keluar,hambek kau!had to went for a camp specialized for the students whom uncapable to achieve good result.shitty shit.A good experience though. Managed to remind me for the original purpose of entering a university back then,although i don't give a damn at that,yeke? =P  
E managed to get better than my result,i'm so proud of him.Nahh,nothiing to be proud of kot,dia memang pandai pun.ahahah!He has a long way to go,on the other hand,i only have 3semesters left. Well,atleast i would want to have 2nd Class Upper Degree, I will try to achieve more than that.YEAH!!

Motivational enough for me :)

Oh, and I also managed to land myself to a workfield that has got nothing to do with my course. I'm going to work as a facilitator for events organized by my baba's company. That is,starting after my practical of course. I smell brand new phone..sniff*sniff*..haha! So sad i won't be available to work during classes starting september, i think la..or i would have to skip classes for some pocket money?No,never!don't you dare farah! I'm not that desperate lah kott,but PTPTN didn't knew me well enough.I always need more from them.pleasee lah,bagi lebih sikit this practical semester,alrite dahling?? =)

So,this friday will be going to FRIM to check-in and settle everything for the quarters, but only on next monday i will start practical. Well,basically i'll be doing everyday's job of a worker in a nursery of wild plants/flowers and some lab-work to do and office-work,maybe for their inventories,data entry and stuffs like that. FRIM doesn't pay us interns,so i think the workloads will not be so heavy,plus there's 6 of us, there will be plenty of helpful hands. That's why I applied weekends part time job. Still no reply from the companies,hopefully by this week they will read my pledge.haha!Wish me luck, i need that.

That's all for the rants of tonight.There will be more..i think.Didn't know whether the quarters provide us with internet connection or not. If not,had to wait for the weekend to online at home lah.oh, my house is 20minutes-ride from that place. From now on,if i say RIDE,it means BIKE RIDE,understand? Because I will be riding my bicycle to and fro promptly.WARNING*This is why you should have done the driving license at an early age.* sigh =_=" GOODBYE

February 06, 2012


I will get that job
Been applying for part-time here and there
Ini semua effect intern xde allowance
1st time keje xde gaji LOL
xbiasew lew i..hihiks

Allah had sent me a person
She's too good to be true
Eventhough i didnt really knew her
She is really kind to me
Allah bless our relationship
and Allah give her some faith one day

i shall pass my previous exam with flying colors
so that my pngk will improve
so that i will graduate with real 'HONORS'
not that 'hons' on manuscript aje

everything that i planned menjadi
i guess i'm living on a careful mode
experience taught me to do so
and i guess that's what a virgo does
perfection is everything to us,you see
haha!konon perfectionist lah sangaatt =_="

P/S~ skarang tgh gila main moneydrop,tonite je baru 3rd week join and i'm the 56th millionaire online.ONLINE jelaah punn.haha!

P/SS~game mortimer beckett baru habis download!mari main game sampai lebam!!yaay =))

inilah diaaa!muka nerd je kan?tapi adventurous.LOL