How many views again??

February 06, 2012


I will get that job
Been applying for part-time here and there
Ini semua effect intern xde allowance
1st time keje xde gaji LOL
xbiasew lew i..hihiks

Allah had sent me a person
She's too good to be true
Eventhough i didnt really knew her
She is really kind to me
Allah bless our relationship
and Allah give her some faith one day

i shall pass my previous exam with flying colors
so that my pngk will improve
so that i will graduate with real 'HONORS'
not that 'hons' on manuscript aje

everything that i planned menjadi
i guess i'm living on a careful mode
experience taught me to do so
and i guess that's what a virgo does
perfection is everything to us,you see
haha!konon perfectionist lah sangaatt =_="

P/S~ skarang tgh gila main moneydrop,tonite je baru 3rd week join and i'm the 56th millionaire online.ONLINE jelaah punn.haha!

P/SS~game mortimer beckett baru habis download!mari main game sampai lebam!!yaay =))

inilah diaaa!muka nerd je kan?tapi adventurous.LOL


  1. Replies
    1. thanks..heehee =) nak duit je sbenarnye,kalaula dapat elaun,mmg xde la nak part-time2 ni..