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March 03, 2012

Life Updates

P/S-This is a very long post

It has been 2weeks since my last post. And so does my intership. FRIM was okay,makes me walk even more and do not have to complain about it. My bike had tayar pancit after a few days. Tak ada pam,so have to walk everyday.haha!The accomodation was poor.A staff told me that the house were meant to be demolished. As soon as we settled down there,we discovered ada tengkorak tikus dalam kolam air bilik mandi!Bukan 1 tapi DUA!Got one of the staff there helped us to clean the bilik mandi. In the mean time,the 4 of us were using the toilet to bathe and sheesheee or poopoo.Pagi jela share 4org,tak lama mana pun nak tunggu giliran.haha!

We've been cooking rice and eat bread or do whichever falls in fast and convenient food category.Nothing much to do,we have no TV nor internet connection,except for the office building.But its fine for me,we can stroll down the waterfall or watch some moviemakers or wedding photoshoots. Our house were located near the streams and river, and I always wanted to stop by on my way back from work to watch the fishes in the water swimming freely.

The joggers will come as early as 6.30 in the morning,the time when i woke up everyday.tengah hari pun ada org jog tau,surprisingly. I think because of the weather here,it was not too warm and matahari pun takdelah terik mana,pokok hutan semua besar besar!Bagus untuk jaga kulit.haha!

Didn't have the chance to do the canopy walk yet,but soon. With one of the eldest staff there,we would not have to pay a single cent.That staff were even born in FRIM,in his old family house,just beside my current house. We've been working on several projects for the time being. Be it leaf cuttings,stem cuttings or seeds, all of them requires monitoring after 1-2 weeks. Learned a lot, and now it's kinda bored when all you got to do is monitor the plant growth only. Maybe more projects to come,soon. Or maybe we should start on our businesss proposal to raise the nursery income, as my supervisor wanted. Yea, work sucks, I know.

Loans are out 4days ago, I wanted to buy so many things but just tahan dulu.haha!Got myself a reebok shoes during a sale so that i don't have to worry i will slip down the canopy walk, since i don't have any sports shoes.Sungguh memalukan,i know. Got E some-things also,he will be surprised. I wanted him here in KL,but he's just too busy.Hope to see him soon,maybe next week.Please please please,don't let me down!

Oh,i turned down the part-time job just now because of my bad bad flu. Am very disappointed i couldn't make it.that is easy money, i tell you! And i can't be more regretful. Maybe ada hikmahnye,bukan rezeki aku,sabarlah.Maybe i will apply for another tomorrow. My flu starts to react badly just last thursday and I felt very sick on friday that i have to take a leave. Sorry ,friends. And my celcom phone were lost-stolen. Lost because it was my fault that have left it inside the cab while looking for my purse to pay the cab. Stolen because when we tried to call the phone,at first it was ringing, but later it was off. So,confirm HILANG! It was the phone that E bought for me,so it has sentimental value to me. So mad at myself beacuse of my own careless-ness.Sorry E,love.

Tomorrow a long lost friend ask to meet me up, but i think i would have to turn him down. Have to rest at home before betul betul ready to go back to nature.haha!That's all for 2weeks update. Will catch up later peeps. XOXO