How many views again??

April 21, 2012


I hate this part. The part where everything seems to be very wrong. You never thought the person that you barely even knew could cause so much trouble in your life. Not to say trouble,but more to a nuisance. I really wanted to be alone right now, and when i say alone, that means without you and anything that has got to do with you in it. So please stop, you are too much now, i don't want to be a part of your life anymore. It's never too hard for me to banish anyone in my life, and that applies to you too. But you have some kind of connection that's keeping me from letting you be punished you see. Don't get me wrong, you are a good person indeed, but when it comes to this type of problem, believe me, you do not want to mess with me. I really cannot do anything much right now, but when it's time, you will know that this side of me actually exists. I'm going to play along now, see when i will finally unable to endure all this shits. And when the time comes, you'll see.

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  1. Gud luck k fara.Semoga info2 yg sy beri membantu fara dpt keje.hehehe.Thanks cz berminat nak menjadi sebahagian dpd keluarga POTO Travel